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We Know Scuba

St Pete SCUBA’s Training is skill based.  St Pete SCUBA couples basic theoretical e-learning education with real life experience.

Each 'skill' is based on the previous skills learned, creating easy to learn "building blocks" for ease of perfecting each skill.  St Pete SCUBA’s Instructors are dedicated   to developing students to become confident and competent on each skill, before moving on to the next skill.


St Pete SCUBA is a Midwest Florida’s Premiere Instructional SCUBA Center. We specializes in SCUBA and Snorkeling Lessons and Certifications for all ages. Families, Friends, Groups, and Clubs, our Instructors welcome everyone!

Our Instructors


"I believe giving new divers the proper principled education coupled with patient, one on one, confined water instruction, this allows the new divers to emerge as confident, competent, fully prepared divers."

Mike Keeney, SDI

SDI Certified Instructor, Open Water, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Nitrox (EAN), Drift Diving, Boat Diving, and Navigation and More!

Mike began diving in the mid 90's and immediately fell in love with the underwater world. He began expanding his knowledge by taking specialty courses and becoming a professional DiveMaster and Dive Con.

Mike has logged over 2,000 dives on his adventure, seeing everything from exotic fish to exploring wrecks. His love of diving, is what drives him to teach SCUBA Diving to anyone wanting to learn and adventure. Mike is a Co-Member of St Pete SCUBA and PirateDivers.net.


"Instructing diving has become a passion of mine. I find great pride in educating others so they feel comfortable in any situation within the water!"

Kent Preston, SSI

SSI Certified Instructor, Open Water, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Nitrox (EAN), Drift Diving, Boat Diving, and Navigation and more!

Kent began diving in 2008 and immediately pursued his Dive Control Specialist certification with SSI, completing his Instructor Certification in 2017.

Kent has extreme patience with new divers and a love for teaching divers of all ages. Kent is a Co-Member of St Pete SCUBA and has served with the Newport KY Aquarium for several years.

Our Administration


"There is so much to see and learn during every dive, and it's the shared experiences with other divers that leads me to my next adventure at a new site.  I became involved with St. Pete Scuba through great friends in my dive group, and I share with them the goal of promoting diver education and the conservation of our oceans.  I invite you to come and explore "the rest of the world" with us at St. Pete Scuba!"

Scott Buckles, Managing Member

Managing Member, SSI Certified Master Diver

Scott has been an avid diver since he first discovered diving while traveling abroad with his wife in 2004.  She was already a diver, and introduced Scott to the sea which quickly developed into a love of diving.  Since then, he has expanded his diving knowledge through various specialty courses and obtained advanced certifications through SSI, SDI, and PADI. Scott is fascinated by the adventure that every new dive brings and enjoy diving with newly certified divers and experienced divers alike.  Managing Member of Viperfish MaSK, LLC